During Tuckaway's Professional Development Day on February 18, our 2013 'Awesome Staff Awards' were announced.  We received many nominations with thoughtful comments and accolades from our Tuckaway families.  Thanks to all of those that submitted a nomination, it show us just how special our Tuckaway staff is.

The winners, and runners-up, for the 2013 ASA's are... 

The Mary Jones ASA (for making Tuckaway feel like a second home for the children)

Winner: Christina White, Tuckaway-Varina

Runner-up: Glen Smith, Ellwood House

The Betty Voltz ASA (for outstanding customer service)

Winner: Darlena Nelson, Tuckaway-Varina

Runner-up: Emily Gordon, Tuckaway-Innsbrook

The Alberta Taylor ASA (for love and affection)

Winner: Suzanne Bradshaw, Tuckaway-Varina

Runner-up: Sofiya Shalakova, Tuckaway-Barony

The Audrey Wells ASA (for dedication to the job, the children, and their parents)

Winner: Tucker Gordon, Ellwood House

Runner-up: Hazel Randolph, Tuckaway-Barony

The Joan Durvin ASA (for on the job flexibility)

Winner: Alexa Tarbona, Ellwood House

Runner-up: Gail Counts, Tuckaway-Barony