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Small Class Sizes For A Better Education Our Private Kindergarten program, offered in the West End at Tuckaway-Barony , and in Varina at Tuckaway-Varina, is a full-day experience, and a chance for children to make the transition from preschool to grade school. As they experience developmentally appropriate choices that will help them grow into active learners, they also begin to receive more focused academic instruction.

Tuckaway Kindergarten classes follow all Virginia SOLs and use the PALS assessment to screen for appropriate language development. We offer small classrooms with a maximum of 15 students, and the scope and sequence of lessons that will make sure children are prepared for first grade. Children turning 5 by December 31 of the school year are eligible to enroll.

At Tuckaway, children learn creatively while working on important language and social skills through group learning. Children will participate in both teacher and self-directed learning, in groups and individually, in the classroom, outside, and on field trips. Students will practice and develop literacy, math, and science foundations to prepare them for grade school.

Providing Infant, Toddler, Pre-School, After School
 Private Kindergarten and Summer Camp Programs
in Henrico, Hanover and Richmond, including
Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, Cartytown and Varina