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Here's what parents are saying about Tuckaway!


  • Angie T. - I have to say the first time I went to look at this location was not crazy about it due to it being so small, But later when did place my child there, it ended up being it's greatest assest. All the teachers knew all the kids.  We were like a family and they were the some of the best times/memories.  I love the people at this place.  It is such a special time in my childs and in my life that I will never forget.


  • Meredith N. - LOVE Tuckaway-Innsbrook! We have been at the center for about 6 months now and my husband and I would recommend to anybody!! Its such a great feeling knowing your little one is being taken care of and loved while you are away
  • Brandy S. - Love all the teachers! 2 of my boys go here in different classrooms. All the programs have age appropriate lessons, activities and they genuinely care for my kids. Recommend to anyone looking for a family oriented, formal daycare with reasonable prices. Thanks!


  • Lauren B. - My son loves going in the morning and hates it when he's picked up too early because he is enjoying his time there. He's has made huge developmental and educational strides this year and the teachers have been warm, loving & great with him.
  • Virginia J. - My son cried yesterday when I had to pick him up early. Everyone apologized, but I look at it quite differently. It warms my heart that after 6 years of Tuckaway, he enjoys it so much that he doesn't want to leave. The staff truly love each and every child. The pre school program was excellent. Tuckaway makes me feel secure when I leave my children to go to work each day. I miss them terribly, but I know they are in excellent hands for the next 9 hours


  • Vith P. - My son Charlie Ang-hel Pollard has been going here for about a year now. He found this place as his home. He met good friends to play and to learn with together. I never considered Tuckaway just as simple child care. I have so much respect with their academic programs and high quality teachers. If you are looking for a trustworthy and excellent preschool for your precious little one, I would highly recommend Tuckaway Harbor. I would have not done it another way for my Charlie.
  • Kristin K. - My son Peyton just starting going here almsot a month ago. And I would recommend this day care to everyone I know. The people there are amazing. I will continue to go there as long as they allow us to. Moms if your looking for a good place to take your kids this is it! 
  • Rachel S. - Tuckaway has been a wonderful experience for my little boy.  He has been there since an infant and will be graduating preschool from there in June.  I know that when I drop him off, that he will be well treated and good care will be given to him.  The staff are polite and friendly.  They have an amazing playground and many activities for the children.  They have a pool and teach the children how to swim.  I really like their philosophy about the importance of play.


  • Jasmine K. - My son loves it here, he loves all his teachers, Tuckaway is a wonderful school and I'm beyond happy that my son gets to attend.
  • Alethia C. - This is a Wonderful place. Kind, Caring staff. Fun as well as Educational and Social activities. Clean, state of the art facility.
  • Kisha B. - Great place!! Love the staff and my kids enjoy it!!!
  • Lewis H. - Love everything!!! Staff, facility, everything... and Lewis loves it!!!